Götz Spielmann - CV

Born in 1961 in Wels, Upper Austria: grew up in Vienna. Began writing while at school, mostly plays and poems. First film work. After high school spent several months in Paris.

1980–87 studied at the Vienna Film Academy - screenwriting and directing. Two medium-length films received first international prizes.

1988 assistant director in the theatre, spent a long period in New York. Screenplays.

From 1990 , in rapid succession, numerous films for the cinema and television, the most internationally successful being DER NACHBAR.

1994 retreated from filmmaking for several years.
Read, thought, taught acting, wrote poems, watched movies. Spent a long period in Berlin.

2000 returned to films with the drama DIE FREMDE and the television film SPIEL IM MORGENGRAUEN.

Established himself in 2004 with ANTARES as one of the most important Austrian auteur filmmakers.
Work in the theatre. Founded his own production company. Guest lecturer at numerous German film schools.

2008 REVANCHE. Several international awards, including Berlin Film Festival, Palm Springs, Motovun, Monterrey.
Nominated for "Foreign Oscar".
More theatre work.
Birth of daughter Hannah.

2011 Professor at the Vienna Film Academy, head of the scriptwriting class.

Enjoys living in Vienna.

Photo © Stefan Oláh